How to Unlock Your Bonus Items

Every edition of the game purchased from the official Guild Wars store includes a special bonus item:

For players who purchased the Complete Collection or Game of the Year edition of Guild Wars, you will also unlock access to several exclusive items that you can use to equip your characters:

To generate all of the bonus items available on your account, follow the instructions below while in any town or outpost:

  1. Press the Enter key to open the in-game chat window.
  2. Type: /bonus 
  3. Press the Enter key again to send the command.

As long as you have the inventory space, all of the items to which you're entitled will appear in your inventory. You can use this command as many times as you'd like, so don't be afraid to delete any items you don't intend to use to free up space.

If you're interested in learning what items are available on your account, you can also use the /bonusitems chat command to display a complete list at any time.

More information about each of these items is documented on the official Guild Wars wiki.